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As a young child, I was involved in community outreach. First through weekly nursing home visitation I  met so many amazing seniors. People that just wanted someone to come and listen. So at 10 I went to the nursing home and heard the stories of old Hollywood from those that remembered Gone with the Wind being released. Though they have all since passed, I got such a great sense of community and love from those that I met I carried that on throughout my life. Constantly looking for ways to help those around me. First and foremost, I am a mother of an amazing 7 year old son. He is the driving force behind everything I do. So making his community a better place through volunteering has allowed me to marry my love of community support and make things better for my child and other children around him.

My son is the reason I am a residential specialist. I specialize in helping current homeowners sell their home, perspective buyers seamless purchase their new home, and investors turn their capitol into investments. I have studied every part of the real estate process to make sure every aspect is covered for my clients. Building a future of helping others achieve their homeownership goals and being able to truly be available for my son has made this career choice a perfect match.  

Previously, I was a history teacher. I earned my Masters of Arts in teaching at Western Governors University. My passion for my students and history allowed me to engage with my students. I still strongly believe that in order to really shape the future we need to shape our youth. So I am currently involved in cub scouts and the PTA.


I believe strong leadership and great communities are built by people who work together to build them up. Compassion and caring needs to start with me. I take the time to add to the community through community outreach events. Every event makes our community in the Hampton Roads a better place for everyone.


So many times we look at the systemic problems of the world and want to find something or someone to blame. Instead, I strongly believe the way to fix systemic problems is to empower our youth to be the strong caring leaders this world needs. I focus my efforts currently with the Cub Scouts and local PTA. I have been involved in Girl Scouts and special olympics previously.


We all may have different musical interests it transcends every race, culture, and era. My musical taste is very eclectic but what I enjoy most is listening to live music as much as possible. It can invoke every emotion and bring out our passion. When I had students who had struggle with material I turned it into a song.




Proud Mother •
Real Estate Agent •

Community Leader •

Erin Bridgham


Engaging students with a historical focus but really molding them into leaders with a strong focus on positive feedback and alternative education strategies to help students achieve the best results academically. Case noting and continual tracking for improved student outcomes.

Norfolk Public Schools

2013 - 2016

Empowering 16-24 year olds who wanted the chance to attain their GED and get a marketable skill. Through mathematics instruction in my class I prepared them for their GED. I also worked closely with the trade instructors to make sure that the math skills were in line with what they needed to learn for their specific trade. During my time there, the math department, had the highest gains on The Adult Basic Education Test that the center had ever had. I was recognized for those gains, smart board implementation, and thorough case noting. Those came in the form of awards and articles written about me in the schools newspaper.

Math 2 Instructor
Glenmont Job Corps

2011 - 2012

Residential specialist who makes the home buying and selling process go as smoothly as possible with a focus always on my clients. I understand that your home is for many one of the largest investments my clients will make.  It is knowing every part of the contract to make sure my client is protected, using my vast understanding of market analysis to know how to accurately help my clients meet their goals, and making sure they understand exactly what the plan is for the home buying or selling process so they can be in control of that investment that sets me apart.  My negotiation skills have been touted by many of my clients.

My dedication to my clients has been recognized not only by them but by other professionals akin to real estate.  Truly listening to my clients needs, being honest with the market conditions, and recommending how they should best proceed. Always going above and beyond for my clients is what makes me their real estate agent for life.

Real Estate Agent
Greg Garrett Realty

Greater24 Network
See Website:

As a Greater24 Network Peer I've been able to participate in various social campaign for community development throughout the Coastal Virginia area. With this network I have been involved in a monthly homeless shelter project by ‍serving meals to over ‍‍100 homeless men through Greater24 Network's Feeding the Cause campaign. I've also had the opportunity to support the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure through my involvement with the network.

Erin was absolutely fantastic to work with. I never had a question she didn't find the answer for and she stayed in touch well after the closing to make sure I was taken care of. Will be choosing her again for my next property!

Tyler Clidienst
Aviation and Machinest Mate
US Navy


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• BA in History 2003 CUNY Queens College
• MA in teaching 2010 Western Governors University
• Post Graduate Professional certification in
  Social Science Grades 6-12 VA
• Post Graduate Professional certification in
  English Grades 6-12 VA
• Licensed Real Estate Agent VA
Implemented SmartBoard technology in a school and on a job training center. This included upgrading memory in computers to allow for fluid software use. Training staff at both centers on how to use it.

Previous trainer with Chantel Ray Real Estate. I trained new hires and current employees on how to effectively use social media, gaining personal sphere business, and effective time blocking. As well as training new agents how to use our Salesforce CRM and Boomtown website.

I am a leader in cub scouts and I have also been a volunteer coordinator for Girl Scouts.

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P.O. Box 68393, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23471


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Third highest sales volume at Chantel Ray Real Estate for the month of November 2017.




Erin cares about her clients and works hard for them! She doesn't give up on hard to sell houses. My home was a short sale and and Erin was experienced, understood the process, and made sure I was informed every step of the way.

April Phillips
NAVY Veteran and DOD Employee