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Limitless Life Coach •
‍‍‍Insp‍‍‍iratio‍‍‍nal Speaker •
Community Catalyst •

Tricia‍‍‍ Exman



r‍‍ecent posts

A summa cum laude graduate from The University of Alabama, Tricia Exman spent over 20 years in corporate positions that included Vice President of Global Project Management and Operations Director of small to mid-sized businesses, and as an Organization and Leadership Development Analyst with Lockheed Martin. She has been fortunate to travel the world both for business and pleasure.
All of these roles and experiences were instrumental in fine-tuning the talents within her while differentiating what satisfied and what brought a flatness to her life. Tricia understands the flatness was a result of not being fully connected to what was most authentic for her. She also realizes that she is not alone in this experience. She is passionate about guiding others into a more authentic place – a place to shake off the dirt of compromise and conformance that has buried destinies in a mass graveyard. She is intent on resurrecting those destinies to life for as many people as possible.

Tricia combined her broad business background with her passion as a springboard into entrepreneurship. She is the pioneer of a multi-faceted, group coaching platform, Presence Coaching. She has developed a myriad of resources for coaches and clients, including coach facilitation guides, coaching guides for clients, the EdenQuest coaching video series, and the MyGoCoach App. She is the designer of the Qualified Group Coach Training and 360² Leadership Practicum. She is also the author of two books on spiritual transformation, “Twisted Truths” and “YADA, YADA, YADA.”

Whether coaching, writing, speaking, or creating content and development tools, Tricia is focused on inviting and guiding people into recovering all the intended possibilities for their life.








It’s amazing when people realize there’s more available for their storyline and learn how to access it. Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. With our lives, we get to determine the ending by our own free will. If possibilities are hidden from us, however, we are limited in how the plot can unfold.

It’s important to me that I walk worthy ‍‍‍of the gift and the Giver of Life (Ephesians 4:1-3). Each person was bestowed with their very own real life. We get to choose what we will do with it and how we will use it. Understanding the implications of our choices on the world is a high and sacred responsibility. Eternity is the proper focus.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍I love helping pe‍‍‍ople discover, excavate, and share the treasures inside of them because the world longs for authentic life. Many people’s lives have become scripted, edited, professionally produced, polished performances to make life in this world work. We all lose so much because of that.

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my c‍‍‍areer

CEO & F‍‍‍ounder
Presence Coaching, Inc.

2009 - present

Pioneer of a multi-faceted coaching platform that includes group coaching, group coach training, leadership training, and the MyGoCoach! App.‍‍‍

Presence Coaching Projects

Limitless Living Groups:
I recognized there is a unique learning dynamic that arises out of a small group of peers. Often described as the “collective wisdom,” each person brings an expanded view on life, work, and relationships. Journey Groups and Laser Groups provide choices to suit each client’s intentions and goals, and are sized just right for ideal integration and individualized attention.

Certifications and Training:
I uniquely designed Qualified Group Coach training and The 360² Leader Practicum for maximum learning. This 60-hour Dual-Certification is architected for practical experience and application, setting it apart from an “attend-and-put-on-a-shelf” workshop, “run-of-the-mill” classroom training, or “stagnant” conferences. This layer-by-layer approach accelerates learning with easily digestible “learn-and-use” bites, and not simply the dissemination of information and/or theory. Bringing science, psychology, and spiritual principles full circle, the aggressive learning objectives include: Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, Brain Science, Coaching Skills, Personal Mission and Vision, and Group and Team Facilitation. It’s not training. It’s learning…by practice.

MyGoCoach! WebApp:
Available exclusively from Presence Coaching, The MyGoCoach! App was designed to put coaching in the hands of the masses, making coaching tools available for busy lives on-the-go. From tools for setting goals and working on habits, to daily powerful and thought-provoking questions, coach-written articles, and coach-developed Guides-to-Go for every area of life, the resources for inspiration, learning, and growth are abundant and increasing! The Find-a-Coach directory and Join-a-Group functions help users to connect to coaching that best suits their needs.

"I believe helping people grasp and appropriate the fullness intended for their lives‍‍‍ will change the world!"

The Ambassador Alliance is a network for transformational influencers in key sectors of society. I currently participate in the development of The Coaching Study Bible.

Founding Member
Ambassador Alliance

2017 - present

Woman of Presence Ministry

2012 - present

Woman of Presence is a ministry to the Lord and to the Body of Christ. It’s a place where I use my gift of writing to share stories, insights, dreams, and things I’ve learned in my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ to expand revelation of our omnipotent Maker.

Ministry articles have been picked up and published by numerous ministry outlets and bloggers, including SpiritFuel, Soak and Saturate, Nuggets4U, Patheos, InJesus, and Converging Zone.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Accolades for “Twisted Truths”:
I finished the book, but the results of reading the book are far from being finished!
– Kim Jackson, Director of Community Ministry, Kentucky

Anyone desiring true, sustained change in their lives should read this book. Tricia Exman offers a different perspective than any other self-help book on the market.

‍‍– Stefanie Wyres, Bring Peace Home Founder, Texas

We all have asked “Who am I?”, but do we ever get to the core of that question? This book does just that, so if you’re OK going to the depths of answering that question, you will enjoy the journey this book takes you on to find out just Who You Are.
– Demetra Tsovilis, Barista, Oklahoma

In ‘Twisted Truths’, Tricia Exman and her Mentor “unravel” misconceptions about God, ourselves, and the world around us. As a companion journal to EdenQuest, or stand-alone read, Exman is a wise, experienced, and compassionate guide who effectively catapults her readers entangled in the maze of distorted perspectives, to clarity and movement.
– Kim Skaggs, President of EXCELR8 Coaching, Indiana

Tricia has an amazing ability to reveal areas in your thought-life that have never been addressed or have lain dormant for years. This is one book that will take you further into your journey than you’ve ever dared to go. Tricia’s gifting and life have had a huge impact on my own life, and I’m excited that she’s now able to share some of those with you.
– Julie Prickett, Founding Co-Pastor of The King Is Calling Church, Texas

Blogger Review:
The Butterfly's Cry

Twisted Truths & EdenQuest Groups In the Media:
The Katy News Article
Twisted Truths Mobile appBook In the Media:
BoscoInfoTech Blog
Living Joy Blog

Wall Street Select Article
WND TV Online Article
International Business Times Article

Accolades for “YADA, YADA, YADA”:

I have to tell you I really enjoyed reading and rejoicing with the Lord about your life!
– Fenton, VA

I am undone by the lens into your life and the courage you have in relentless pursuit of your maker…such an authentic story.
– Joseph, VA

In “Yada, Yada, Yada…Why Should I Follow Jesus?” Tricia expounds on her own personal journey. This new masterpiece connects the ‘why’ of following Jesus with the ‘how’ from her first masterpiece, “Twisted Truths: Three Things That Thwart Transformation.” Both can easily become the ultimate blueprint for eternal rest and allegiance to the only Truth, Way and Life – Jesus.
– Katie, TX

I read this book last week during my mountain vacation. I would get up early before daylight and read and pray. It opened my heart to seek God's heart. This book is a story of surrender and in surrender, our REWARDER is found! This book is a good, quick, and simple read with a powerful message of faith.
– Kim, KY



I am thrilled to be able to provide a reference for Tricia Exman. Her input into my life has been transformational. Tricia is a skilled and empathic coach who has the gift of really understanding the issues and in her unique and sensitive way manages …to allow me to unpack hidden depths I was totally unaware of. She has become a faithful partner along my journey and her encouragements, insights and challenges have been invaluable. I can truly confirm that I would not be where I am, doing what I’m doing, without my regular coaching sessions with Tricia. I highly and unreservedly recommend Tricia to you and any ways in which her skills can be used within your organization will prove to be positive and life changing for the clients who are fortunate enough to have her as their coach."
Ruth Adams

Owner / President, In Your Element, UNITED KINGDOM

Quest Life/Fellowship of the Sword
See Website: -- www.fellowshipofthesword.com

“I’ve never been one to consider coaching. In 2015, I had the best year of my life financially speaking. However, I felt that I was still hitting a wall and decided to hir‍‍‍e Tricia as my coach to help me push past my walls. At the second to last day of the first quarter of 2016, I have surpassed my entire income for last year. People always say the biggest investment you can make is in yourself, but sometimes it’s hard to equate money in with personal growth out. But I can absolutely say that what I have earned this year has been a direct result of the person I have become as a byproduct of coaching. I would not have been able to break through those barriers on my own.”
‍‍‍‍‍‍Nick M.

‍‍‍The core of Fellowship of the Sword is Quest events for men and women. These six day ev‍‍‍ents are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to disconnect from the world and embark on an all-out pursuit to uncover the truth of and for your life, unlock‍‍‍ your unique identity, and unleash your personal passion. The result is freedom from every hindrance and rest for your soul as you discover God’s heart in fresh and dynamic ways.

"I have personally experienced and witnessed the power of the Quest events in the lives of countless men and women. It’s a life-changer! Language provides an inadequate choice of words to describe what this is. It’s not a retreat. It’s not a conference. It’s more of an encounter that you can only experience personally. After six days of Questing, you will be different."

– Tricia Exman


Communications - Public Speaking and Author
‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Coaching – Individual and Group‍‍‍‍‍‍
Creative Strategy
Architecting Learning Applications
Identifying Mindsets
Pinpointing Connections in Thinking, Emotions, and the Physical Body
Learner for Life
Project Development

Professional Path Certified Coach (PPCC)
EI360: EQ Accredited Facilitator/Coach
DDI: Certified Leadership Development Facilitator/Targeted Selection Trainer
Learning Communications: Workplace Diversity/Cultural Awareness
MBTI: Certified Practitioner
SDI Qualified Trainer: Personal Strengths
The Elemental Leader – Path Elements Profile (PEP)
The Path Leader
Right Brain Therapy: Introductory Level (Brain Mapping)

University of Alabama – Summa Cum Laude
‍‍‍Bachelor of Science, Administrative Sciences‍‍‍


Accolades For Presence Coaching:
‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Presence Coachin‍‍‍g’s unique coaching model was recommended in the book: “Relationships for Nurses” by Nick Angelis, CRNA, MSN, © 2018 GG Press:

“Several steps removed from PhD, CSW, MFT, MHC, and other acronyms for counselors are life coaches (really my snide comments about four week Internet courses and pretty social media pictures). I haven’t recommended any specific counselors, but I’ve always been impressed with Presence Coaching. Much of their work happens in small group conference calls rather than costly weekends of group intensives. The small and doable beats an expensive memory, although sometimes a couple does need to get away from other influences to hash things out.”

“I had the notion that oneness of spirit and real intimacy could take place only where I could be in actual physical bodily presence of the others, especially if they were strangers! How mistaken I was!!! In fact, I was immediately amazed at our camaraderie after the FIRST session!! By month's end, through the weekly sessions, God moved clearly in my heart; He unexpectedly settled a looming heart question that I'd held for a long time! That He'd done this in the context of virtual group coaching was a miracle for me. He broke any misgivings I'd held about how and when unity and intimacy in the Spirit looked like! My faith was amazingly enlarged!! I'm a new believer now in the wonder of presence coaching through the miracle of today's technology! I praise God for it and for its potential in connecting the Body of Christ globally!”
-̶ Annette, AR

"I love the topics, and the structure paired with the living God moving is unlike any coaching I have been a part of. It's amazingly effective, and the people on the call are instantly transparent and vulnerable! Change can happen in that environment!"
-̶ Cara, MT

Presence Coaching In the Media:
Texas New Journal Article
Atlanta Times Article 2
The Nashville Post Article
The San Francisco News Journal Article
Singapore Roundup Article

Public Speaker

Storyteller, rooted in an eternal perspective, skilled at using parables and humor from everyday life and her own experiences to inspire others to consider more for their lives.

Past Speaking Engagements & Topics

Fellowship of the Heart
Fort Worth, Texas
March and November, 2009

KRLD Radio
Dallas, Texas
February, 2010
“Who’s Life Are You Living?” – Plaid for Women

ResLife Church
Grandville, Michigan
November, 2010
"Finding Eden's Eve"

Lighthouse Fellowship
Fort Worth, Texas
January, 2012
“The Process of Freedom”

Radiant Ministries International
Dallas, Texas
January, 2012
“Letting Go to Live”

Advocate Christian Counseling
Dallas, Texas
February, 2012

The Father’s House
Henderson, Kentucky

March, 2012
"Labor to Enter R-E-S-T"

Embrace Grace
Sherman, Texas
November, 2012
“Love Blockers: Expectations and Obligations”

The King Is Calling Church
Sherman, Texas
July, 2013
“The Y-E-S Life”

Kindred Coffee/Kingdom & Coffee with Heritage Church
Fort Worth, Texas
February, 2017
“What is Love in the Kingdom of Heaven?”
March, 2017
“God’s a Know It All!”

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
March, 2017

The Glory Road on The WORD Network with Dr. Candice Smithyman
‍‍‍‍‍‍Jacksonville, Florida‍‍‍
August, 2017
“Dark Night of the Soul: Spiritual Growth Process”
View Program

Current Projects “Under Construction”
HSL: Heaven as a Second Language” - anticipated release in 2018
“Wasted Life” co-authored with Katie Stuckas - anticipated release in 2018
“How to Have a Successful Failed Marriage: Refuting Perceptions of Divorce” - anticipated release in 2019

“Twisted Truths: Three Things That Thwart Transformaton”
Published by WestBow Press, ©2013

Summary: “This is not just a book to read. It is a one-of-a-kind, multimedia adventure for anyone desiring lasting change in one or more areas of their life.” Since its original release in 2013, Tricia has released “Twisted Truths” as an author-narrated audiobook and a Mobile appBook, available exclusively from Presence Coaching.

Watch Promo Video

“YADA, YADA, YADA…Why Should I Follow Jesus?”
Published by Limitless Living, ©201‍‍‍7‍‍‍

“YADA, YADA YADA” was honored with a Preface by Dr. Joseph Umidi of Regent University

Summary: “Yada, Yada, Yada! We use this phrase in our language today to express boredom for empty talk; when information is too dull or predictable to be worth repeating. We also use it when information is too lengthy or tedious to recite in full. The sense is, "We've heard it all before. "The bare-naked truth is we have heard a lot about following Jesus, but what is the point? Why should I, you, or anyone follow Jesus? This book unpacks this question with all its nuances. My only experience of the answer is my experience, and that is what I share. This is a real, personal and tangible expression of one lived-out answer to this question and the lessons I've learned along the way.”






"Ask Yourself" JUMBO Journal
303 Questions for Personal Discovery & Growth
Published by Limitless Living, ©2018

Summary: One of the tools of a life coach is powerful questions. The 'Aha' moment a great question creates can unlock new doors, bring clarity, or clear rubbish in a person's life, propelling them forward into the things they envision for their future.

As you ask yourself questions you may have never considered before, you will learn who you are, how you became that person, and will realize the power inside of you to choose who you want to become.