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We help our members to present the research that matters to the world. The research on your personal and business brand can influence your credibility, trust, and future opportunities.

What We Do

GoResearch.Me is a membership platform powered by public figures, speakers, industry specialists, individuals, and their projects. The work of our members span across local developments to international projects and their personal brand research and business research is of top priority. GoResearch.Me offers one of the first membership platforms that is dedicated to providing engaging and progressive identity research services and project development tools to its members.

Our members are provided with a series of comprehensive tools and resources to help them take charge of their personal brand and project brand research. This supports how they are perceived within their industry, to prospective customers, and society. Social credibility today is measured greatly by how you’re researched, how many sources report on you, and how you're professionally presented around the world.

            Key Member Support Areas Include:

            - Professional Credential Monitoring
            - Work Experience & Skills Monitoring
            - Entrepreneurial Endeavors Monitoring
            - Community Engagement Tracking
            - Achievement & Press Feature Tracking
            - Reputation Management Advisement
            - Project Development Advisement

A GoResearch.Me membership‍‍‍ is valued by those in competitive industries, active community roles, high public visibility positions, or individuals taking charge of how you connect with them through research.
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About GoResearch.Me

‍‍GoResearch.Me offers wonderful services for professionals. We all know that people work with people they like and this platform set us up to professionally present ourselves and let our full personality shine through to our potential clients. First, we had planning consultations to really talk about our services and how a research platform can set us apart when we present to others. Then we spoke about how to use this for business development and reaching out to people who are looking for professionals in my field.  This was a one on one service.  

Then after providing key information about myself so the platform could get started I was also offered continual support as my career endeavors grow.  Ongoing consultations are offered to find out all of the new services and advances that impact my business and social engagement strategies.  GoResearch.Me really gives professionals a resource that represents who they are and their credibility in the business world.

The one on one consulting session that I received provided me with the guidance I needed to build strong social engagement strategies, professional presentation skills, and researchable content that repositioned me within society. GoResearch.Me transformed my talents, accomplishments, experience and education into one easily accessible platform.

As a result, I simply refer my business colleagues, clients and associates to my global research profile to learn more about me and the services that I can offer. Most importantly,
GoResearch.Me helped me transition from a regular business professional to an intriguing public figure.


Erin Bridgham

Real Estate Agent
Global Research Profile

Sabrina Wooten

Community Leader, Police Chaplin
Global Research Profile

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