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Q1: What is GoResearch.Me?
GoResearch.Me is a predominately nomination-based membership that’s powered by public figures, speakers, industry specialists, and individuals. GoResearch.Me offers dynamic research platforms and project development services to its members, businesses, and organizations.

Q2: What area does GoResearch.Me service?
Membership is available within the United States. ‍Special consideration is available for international applicants.  ‍

Q3: Where do I submit my inquires as a member for my membership services or for general inquires?
Send all inquiries and service requests to: [email protected]

Q4: Where are you located?
We are headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Q5: How long have you been around?
GoResearch.Me was launched in 2017. GoResearch.Me is a service provided by Binchmark that was founded in 2003.

Q6: Is this part of the Better Business Bureau? GoResearch.Me is a service provided by Binchmark. Binchmark is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Q7: How do I add information to my membership account or request service add-ons?
All account administration is managed by our GoResearch.Me support team. Feel free to submit an inquiry or service request to: [email protected]

Q8: What benefits will I have by becoming a GoResearch.Me member?
Please review the membership section on the desktop version of GoResearch.Me or the front page of the mobile website of GoResearch.Me. Service levels and administration are based on your selected membership account type that’s established at the start of the account.

Q9: How much does membership cost?
We offer standard and premium account options to approved members. Standard account fees can be as low as $20 per month and are based on a select service term agreement.

Q10: Does this membership list or report bad things about me?    
No. We believe in giving our members a voice about themselves and allowing the public to verify information supplied from them. Information that wouldn’t necessarily be available in other places across the web.  

Q11: How do people find my information or a members information?
All members have a dedicated web address for their account that they distribute to their audience as they see fit. To limit solicitation, we do not list our members or membership counts. If you are a member and you have forgotten your dedicated web address, please contact support at: [email protected]

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